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Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’m a 20+ year veteran of the marketing industry who got fed up with agency life and decided to quit and move to Mexico; to disappear into the jungle to find myself…

My wife and I moved to Quintana Roo, Mexico (the “Riviera Maya”) in 2021. We bought land, started building a homestead, and I began studying shamanism -all to escape from the materialistic drudgery we had left behind.

I learned a lot from that experience. I learned to help people heal their emotional trauma and transform themselves by shedding their limiting beliefs. And being able to provide that for people was amazing!

But what I was learning was helping me in ways I never expected…

I was becoming a fundamentally better human being: more loving to my wife, more emotionally-intelligent and self-aware, and more patient with everyone and everything in my life.

Even better, I was finally able to conquer my greatest weakness: a scarcity mindset. Learning how to adopt a different mindset opened me to new perspectives and new possibilities that I’d have never believed were possible before.

This changed how I look at everything…

Where before I saw challenges, I now see opportunities -and I know that good fortune will favor me if I take bold action from a place of integrity and service. That the universe wants good things for me and will deliver them if I have faith and do the work.

I’ve come to understand that my talents and my purpose are most aligned with helping people discover transform themselves into the high-achievers they dream of being.

This comes to me in the form of two extraordinary abilities: the shamanic techniques I learned that transmute emotional wounds into powerful gifts and the knowledge of how to print fucking money with marketing.

It took running away to the jungle to find myself and to get my mind right. But with my refreshed perspective, all I can see is opportunity. Opportunity for me, of course, but more importantly, opportunity to serve. Maybe to serve someone like you…

I can tell you from my recent, personal experience that dreams do come true but they it’s never a straight line from dreaming the dream to realizing it. And I can tell you that chasing your dreams, throwing caution to the winds and just going for it, can be very expensive.

You can’t follow your passions without the space that financial freedom provides. And, believe me I know, financial freedom can seem so impossibly difficult to achieve.

But it’s just a matter of perspective…

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