Hi, I’m Nate! Thanks for reading my blog.

I’m a 20+ year veteran of the marketing industry who got fed up with agency life: long grinding hours with talentless teams obsessed with vanity metrics and willing to do anything to “keep the client”. At the peak of my career I decided to quit and move to Mexico and disappear into the jungle to find myself again…

Then the AI revolution began and sent shockwaves through the marketing industry; disrupting the status quo and creating opportunity for smaller, more maneuverable players to shake things up. And so I was pulled back into the industry, to participate in the great revolution of our time.

This time though, I’m putting all my energy into building my own agency, H4CKER, -and this blog, my TikTok and YouTube, and other content is documenting my journey and sharing the best of the growth hacking strategies I learn and devise along the way.

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