In this detailed tutorial, I’ll walk you through the process of importing your contacts into ActiveCampaign from a CSV file, making it simple and efficient.

This is perfect for people who are both setting up ActiveCampaign’s CRM and Marketing Automation bundle for the first time or importing contacts into an account that already has many contacts.

What You Will Learn

Creating Custom Contact Fields: Before you can import your data you’ll need to create custom contact fields.

Importing Step-by-Step: A comprehensive guide to importing your contacts into ActiveCampaign.

Post-Import Tips: Best practices to verift your contacts imported correctly into ActiveCampaign and what to do if there are issues during the process.

Why Watch This Video?

Save time with efficient import techniques. Reduce errors with our CSV preparation tips. Enhance your email marketing strategy by effectively managing your contacts.


0:13 – Introduction
0:35 – Preparing To Import
4:30 – Creating Custom Contact Fields
6:04 – Completing The Import
7:05 – What To Do If Something Goes Wrong
9:46 – Important Import Options
12:17 – Conclusion

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