I used to really wonder if the universe had it out for me. Every time I’d get a new job or a new client, throughout my entire career in marketing, the pattern would be the same.

I’d be excited about the opportunity at first. I mean genuinely excited, not just happy to have a job.

And I should mention that, despite this pattern I’m describing, I was successful enough at the job that most people would be happy with what I achieved.

Most people also thought I was doing a good job, working my way towards a successful (but average) career. But I wasn’t satisfied and I was smart enough to see where it would all end up.

I was working too hard while doing all the right things to not be more successful than I was.

Everyone could see my effort, I generated excellent results, and generally outperformed my peers. Promotions and recognition came easily but didn’t impact my bottom line in any really meaningful way.

So i just felt like no matter how hard I worked or how far I climbed the ladder that I was always chasing success, rather than achieving it.

I doubt I’m the only one who’s experienced this feeling either. I’ve since learned how counterproductive, and even self-destructive, this way of thinking can be.

Simply put, I believed that it was only my hard work that people appreciated and not my creativity or skill in conveying ideas, or any of my other talents, that people valued.

So I just kept working hard and not working smart. I was smart.

I was very smart when it came to using my skills to make other people money -to grow other people’s businesses.

But because of my limiting belief, I was doomed to do exactly that; to work hard. Harder than the people around me while watching them be more successful with less effort.

What We Mean When We Talk About The Law Of Attraction

Your own energy greatly influences what kind of situations you find yourself in most of the time.

We all get happy or sad or angry temporarily but when we become preoccupied about a particular thought or experience it affects the way we feel so much that it sort of gets stuck.

Think about it like this:

I was very wrapped up in my career and trying to make it “successful” and because I believed that I had to work harder and harder to get better results, I attracted lots of opportunities to do just that: to work harder.

I’d have been better off believing that I’m a very lucky person and money-making opportunities just tend come my way without any effort at all.

This is how my wife’s brain has always worked and it was, for the most part, basically true in her life experience.

This was the first dent in the armor of my limited mental framework -seeing her approach to life work very differently, and arguably, better than my own.

It all came crumbling down though after moving to Mexico when I started studying shamanism with the Four Winds Institute (long story).

Through their training, I learned techniques for healing my emotional wounds and gathering up the broken pieces of my psyche which lead to my various self-destructive behaviors.

Traveling down that particular path, you can’t help but learn who you really are underneath all those beliefs that you carry.

And when you start letting go of all that dead weight, you show up differently and you become capable of new and different things.

But changing your life and your circumstances can’t be that simple right? Just deluding ourselves and telling ourselves good things are going to happen doesn’t make them happen…right?

No it definitely doesn’t.

If you stop there you are just deluding yourself. The magic in the method comes from carrying the belief that you’ll succeed, that you’ll attract more positivity than negativity, as you go do the hard work that’s required to succeed.

Because while working hard doesn’t guarantee success, not being willing to put in the necessary work definitely guarantees failure. Both are necessary to balance the equation.

If you work hard without believing that success will eventually become easier then it never will and you’ll never get the momentum necessary to break through the way you want.

I have experienced this personally.

And while I’m not rich yet by any means, I am experiencing a kind of luck and ease with growing my brand new business I have definitely not experienced before.

And most importantly, I feel differently about it. I don’t have panic about being able to pay my bills, I just know that I have hard work ahead.

I don’t feel self-conscious because I haven’t achieved my goals yet -I just look forward to doing the work to get there.

Mindset Shifts Are Both Subtle And Profound

Shifting the mindset is deceptively subtle. That’s why it’s so easy to drift off course unintentionally.

A couple of bad days in a row can change your attitude. And if that’s left to fester, it can change your entire way of thinking in days, not weeks.

Mastering the mind is all about balance. Balance in the mind, of course, but also balance in the body, and in your lifestyle.

Don’t get enough sleep –or sun- and you’ll have a dangerous drop in serotonin production and heightened cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and this alone can pull you out of the delicate balance that leads to prosperity and success.

When you change your beliefs you change how you see the world around you.

Because our perception of reality is all based on the inputs our brain receives and interprets, a change in belief changes the data that we receive which literally changes our interpretation of reality.

In a very real sense your beliefs shape what is possible and what is impossible.

Your beliefs aren’t the only factor obviously but if you don’t believe in yourself then it doesn’t matter how lucky or fortunate you are or how many times opportunity is put in front of you.

If you believe yourself to be unlucky -you are. And you will be given every reason to think yourself correct.

However, likewise, when you start believing the improbable to be simply a challenging possibility instead of “impossible” or “unlikely” -when you start to believe that the statistics do not apply to your special situation- you may find that these beliefs are also true.

Shifting my mindset was the key to unlocking uncanny good luck that very quickly steamrolled into stacking $7,000 in monthly recurring revenue in my first 2 months of business.

When It Starts Working, It Really Starts Working

I spent a long time working to understand my shadow (the unconscious part of ourselves which drives self-destructive behavior) and discover it’s clever tricks before I was able to dig and make meaningful changes.

In fact, I thought many times throughout this process that I had figured it all out and fixed myself for good. But this simply isn’t how healing and personal growth takes place.

Those small victories were steps on the path to healing but the process takes longer and requires more reinforcement (through practice) than anyone expects.

After over a year of studying and practicing shamanism, and dutifully working on myself, I finally started to notice changes in my behavior -and not just in my mind.

The mind cognitively grasps ideas quickly but aligning the body (and your emotions) with the mind is a process that takes time and repetition.

Just like riding a bike, you have to keep getting up on the bike after you fall over and over again for the action to become habitual (and start to work effectively).

But, when it starts working, it starts really working.

And it might look (and even feel) like it started happening “all at once” but it doesn’t.

When you feel your fortunes flip and start attracting positivity into your life, you’ve just “suddenly” reached a point of critical mass where your positive attitude is outweighing your negative beliefs and they start to release.

First it will happen slowly, then as the belief in better possibilities settles into your resting state, the law of attraction starts to work in your favor more noticeably.

After a few months, you’ll wake up and realize that you’ve had a breakthrough and the floodgates of good fortune are open for you.

In my case, it happened as I was deciding what to do about earning money again.

After 3 years of following our dreams into the jungle, buying land and building a homestead, we’d reached a tipping point where the house is almost done and our savings nearly exhausted from this effort.

It was obvious that I needed to earn again but I’d been out of the marketing game for three full years and was facing self-doubt, impostor syndrome, and a legitimately challenging situation.

But something was different this time. I didn’t feel the same fear, or lack of opportunity.

Instead of risks, I see opportunities around every corner. And, it’s not simply that I can’t see the risks -I still recognize they exist- but it’s just not all that I can see now.

Since this fateful realization, the process of reestablishing myself in the marketing industry and launching my new agency has been incredibly blessed.

I was connected to my first client only one month into the process, much faster than expected, and before I was legitimately ready to take on the work.

It all happened so fast that I had to rush through setting up an LLC and rolling out my new brand.

In fact, it was so fast-tracked that I didn’t even have time to get my offers or messaging dialed in; things that I would have obsessed over for weeks and weeks at any prior time in my career.

Instead I was off to the races.

I pitched and closed my first account without any proof of concept or portfolio of work and was paid upfront for a full month’s work -which was enough to cover our monthly expenses.

I’m closing my knowledge gap quickly as well. Of course, this isn’t effortless (or even easy), it’s been a nonstop slog of YouTube videos, articles, and conversing with experts on X.

It’s been exhausting –but it’s working.

And since then I’ve just closed another monthly recurring contract, almost doubling my revenue immediately and with a lot of room to grow over time.

These are both good quality clients too, not afraid to spend money, not dominating or untrusting.

They are just taking my lead, letting me do the work, and paying me well for it (and paying me in advance!).

And I know that these aren’t just lucky strikes, they’re part of my new reality; where my hard work is rewarded but not essential for my success.

Good fortune comes my way without effort now, so when I choose to work hard, it really means something, and is appreciated and recognized.

Now with a base that exceeds my monthly expenses and leaves room for reinvestment into the company, I’m already looking at how to expand and grow.

And I’m doing it from a place of positive momentum -a rolling stone not a sisyphean task (rolling the rock up the same hill everyday, just to have it roll back down again).

Now that I’ve seen the magic in this method, it can’t be unseen.

I’ll never go back to allowing my negative thoughts to limit my potential because I know that I ultimately have the ability to influence these outcomes and, therefore, I own all the responsibility for the scarcity I feared for so long.

And, as the owner, I have the power to change that belief. It all comes down to mindset.

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