In the imaginary and impossible situation where I would be sitting in front of someone at a job interview and answering difficult questions, this one would be simple to answer (though potentially unpopular):

“Yes! I quit marketing, moved to Mexico, and started building a homestead and retreat center in the jungle.”

It’s a true story, if a strange one. And it’s a pretty exciting story from where I’m sitting because it is the fulfillment of years of dreaming, planning, investing, and waiting (and waiting). Building in Mexico isn’t the most straightforward thing I’ve ever done and the complexity of doing it in the jungle is even more intimidating than it sounds. But my adventurous spirit won over eventually and my wife, Sarah, and I get to watch our house being built, little by little, day by day. It’s pretty incredible.

It’s been amazing to bring that dream into the world and it’s taken the majority of my attention (and our resources) over the last couple of years to pull it off. With it well underway it is time to go back to work on projects that generate capital because there’s still a lot we want to do for the project that is solidly out of our budget for now.

And my timing couldn’t be any better…

Among other notable events, Chat-GPT 4 came out in 2023 and pretty radically changed the world when it did -the ripples of this splash are still gaining momentum towards distant shores and it will be some time before we fully comprehend what it all means. But, it is immediately apparent that the AI transformation is going to hit white collar jobs the hardest and, arguably, marketing in particular, as one of the industries most vulnerable to AI disruption.

I am not sad to see this coming. I left the marketing industry because it was stifling, uncreative, and unfulfilling -where you can spend a career on talentless teams making things no one will ever care about. Experimentation was discouraged and innovation squandered. It’s time for a rebirth, and some of it has to die to make space for that to happen.

AI marketing tools are changing the way that agencies and marketing teams labor on a daily basis. Chat-GPT can make you a superstar researcher almost instantly and it can also help you understand your market, make complex subjects simple, and facilitate better results with other AI platforms. Video repurposing platforms like Pictory create enhance and expedite your production queue. If you need to create copy at scale there are platforms like Jasper and And there are many smaller upgrades coming to products you probably know and love like Adobe Creative Suite, Google Docs, and other mainstays.

All of this means that it’s a very good time to come back to marketing -a very fertile time to plant seeds that can grow into successful ventures over the next few transformative years. It means starting a lot of things over and starting lot of things from scratch and learning a lot of new tricks, I’m sure. But I’m excited about all of that and eager to get started.

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Thanks for reading.

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