If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or even just trying to become a high achiever in whatever role you’re working in currently, AI is the best way to create a competitive advantage for yourself or your business.

The only questions are: How quickly can you get up to speed? And how do you know where to invest your time and money?

A lot of AI tools that you hear about on social media are overhyped and don’t quite work the way that they advertise -certainly not as reliably as they say they do. You can’t blame them, this is just what startups do to get their first users but this can represent a lot of wasted time and money to you while you’re learning and experimenting. I suspect a lot more of these tools will become viable in the coming months and years because, remember, we’re still very early to this party and not everyone has really shown up yet.

It does make it very important to vet your investments in AI with additional research though because the good versions of these tools are not free. They’re not crazy expensive either but once you start adding a few tools here and there for somewhere between about $15 a month to upwards of $80-$100 a month, it adds up. And, more importantly, you can’t get back the time you waste experimenting with systems that just don’t live up to their hype, or, as of yet, lack some essential feature that makes them practically useful.

I always recommend caution when introducing new tools and processes into a well-oiled machine of a company. If you’re just getting started then, by all means, FAFO (fool around and find out) to you heart’s content. But if you’re serving customers successfully don’t let AI tools create havoc for you by trusting new technology overly much.

In this video I introduce the most popular AI platforms like ChatGPT and its many plugins, DALL-E, Midjourney, and other generative AI tools, and a host of individual apps and tools for a variety of professional situations -just to give you a taste of what’s reliably awesome and accessibly-priced in the world of AI today.

AI tools and topics covered in the video include:

  • ChatGPT – The world’s most popular LLM (text-based AI platform)
  • ChatGPT Plugins – A huge library of integrations between ChatGPT and other platforms
  • ChatGPT Prompt Engineering – How to use a prompt framework to get better results
  • DALL-E – A generative AI tool integrated with ChatGPT
  • Midjourney – A generative AI tool in a Discord bot
  • Canva AI – AI-powered upgrades to the Canva graphics suite
  • Adobe Firefly – A generative AI tool from Adobe
  • Grammarly – AI that helps you write better
  • Copy.ai – AI that writes copy for you
  • Jasper.ai – AI that writes copy for you
  • Spin Rewriter – AI that rewrites articles so you can post in more places
  • BHuman.ai – AI that creates a deep fake of you for automating video creation