Hi, I’m Nate! I spent 20+ years in the marketing industry and I got so jaded by agency life that I quit at the top of my career and moved to the jungle to find myself again…

…then the AI revolution happened and the marketing industry was turned on its head. The leviathans of marketing, big brands and big agencies, are no longer untouchable.

So I came back to participate in the great revolution of our time and the death -and rebirth- of marketing as we know it.

These days, I live in paradise (Puerto Morelos, MX) and spend my time growing my two businesses, H4CKER, the “anti-agency”, and The Sacred Serpent, a retreat center here in the Riviera Maya.

I can do this because I leverage years of experience working with freelancers and a ton of incredible new AI tools to produce high quality, compelling, and authentic content at scale -and marketing automation to capture and convert that business into leads. And I help others do the same for their brands, either through my agency or through my free educational content.

Along the way I make and share content about my journey, the technologies I use, and my unique strategies for managing freelancers on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and other video platforms.

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My Story

My background is in marketing and technology. I got my start building websites and ecommerce in the dotcom era. Over the 20+ years since I’ve done everything from writing code to running a HubSpot agency. I built digital marketing products for the The Dallas Morning News that were used to drive millions in revenue, drove tens of thousands of people to concerts and music festivals with Facebook marketing, and produced the first social video campaign for Amazon Web Services Security; plus many, many more stories like this. I’ve been around the marketing game for a long time and I’ve done a lot of things -and made a lot of people a lot of money.

But a couple of years ago, something changed. I got so jaded by having to sell crappy products too often to keep the lights on for my employers that I convinced my wife, who was also an agency lead at that time, to run away with me to the Caribbean and build a different kind of life. We made a deal that we would stop stressing ourselves out making other people rich and find a way to live the rest of our lives in paradise, closer to Nature, to God, and to the beautiful things in life.

And that’s exactly what we did…

Our dream is to build a home, homestead and retreat center in the Riviera Maya jungle (The Sacred Serpent). We bought a chunk of land near the beach, and close to the new Maya Train project, and have spent the last couple of years planning and getting our paperwork in order. Late last November, we finally broke ground and our dreams are coming true, day by day out in the jungle. You can follow the progress on this project on our Instagram.

But bringing your dreams into reality can be a very expensive proposition, so once the project was finally underway (2+ years later), it was time for me to shift my focus back to earning once again.

No matter how far we run away into the jungle, I’m never going to be able to let go of my love of business. It’s just part of who I am. But, thanks to Sarah -and living in paradise- I’ve got very different priorities this time around. So while we finish our project, and grow our retreat business organically, I’m supporting our family and our dreams by doing what I do best.

Because something very big, very important, happened during my sabbatical in the jungle. AI technologies, and natural language processing in particular, got very, very good and then went mainstream, primarily thanks to OpenAI’s Chat-GPT.

After bringing myself up to speed on the many incredible AI marketing tools emerging on the market, I realized how ready the marketing industry is for serious disruption.

I took a break from marketing because I became disenchanted with doing what everyone else is doing that isn’t working anymore. Marketing was originally interesting to me because it’s always been a space where you had to innovate or die. It’s mercurial environment had always created opportunities to excel, advance, and succeed; but life inside of marketing agencies had become stifling as the industry settled into just repeating the same rote best practices again and again.

Since the pandemic, most agencies have become pretty thin on experienced talent and lack truly creative thinkers while they’re overloaded with junior members who need both practice and mentoring. It’s a sad state of affairs that doesn’t translate to innovation or client success.

The situation is unsustainable. With the emergence of this new generation of AI tools, the marketing industry is about to undergo a serious reckoning. And what’s bad for them, is going to be good for the customer…and, hopefully, for me.

This is why I’m coming back to to the marketing industry and launching H4CKER (a growth marketing agency), to ride the wave of AI transformation and help others do the same. The old agency model, heavy on account managmenet, is rapidly becoming obsolete due to the proliferation of AI tools and freelancers.

Cool as it is, there’s still a lot that AI can’t do and, reasonably, won’t be able to do any time soon. That leaves lots of work to do for AI-enhanced human beings; connecting the dots in business processes that are only partially automated. And as the AI revolution continues, the people who continue to innovate on top of the new technology will continue to be relevant as they gain new superhuman capabilities in research, productivity, and creativity,

Getting out ahead of these trends is making it possible for me (the little guy) to be competitive in a world that was entirely dominated by bigger brands and agencies only a few short years ago. Getting a good remote job is getting much, much harder (and they’re looking less and less attractive) but, conversely, striking out on your own is getting easier and easier thanks to the innovations of AI and the economic realities of the marketplace.

If you’re here, it’s because you found me online (through my digital marketing) or through good old fashioned word of mouth. That means what I’m doing is working. If you’re trying to make sense of the coming paradigm shifts, and to position yourself for success like I am, then follow along with my journey here on my blog, on my TikTok, and YouTube channel.

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